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Female Founder Squad R&D Tax Credit Partner

Claim Capital is delighted to have partnered with The Female Founder Squad, a private network and online community for Female Founders, Future Founders & women working in Tech.

Through our shared passion to help companies grow and succeed, we're delighted to ensure Female Founder Squad's members can receive a market-leading Grant Writing & R&D Tax Credit service and maximise their research & development tax benefit year after year.

Claim Capital's discount for all Female Founder Squad Members: 

£500 Discount on your first R&D Tax Claim

 R&D Tax Credits are one of the largest tax reliefs available to UK companies, allowing you to reclaim up to 33% of all research & development costs.

If your company has spent money researching or developing a product, process or service, get in touch today to explore if your company is eligible to make a claim. 

Our Products

Whether you've spent money on a Research & Development project, or require new funding to help you achieve the next phase of development, Claim Capital has the expertise to help fund your future growth. 

R&D Tax Credits

Reclaim up to 33% of your R&D costs using our Fixed Fee or Advanced Funding service.

Grant Writing Service

Achieve Grant Funding to further develop your R&D project and achieve your growth potential.

Join the 100's of Companies claiming with Claim Capital including...

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Who we are

Our Management Team is passionate and committed to delivering a market-leading funding services to help innovative businesses grow. 

Max Raynor

Managing Director

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Matt Dangell

Business Development Director

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Michael Lismore

Head of R&D Tax Reporting

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