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Grant Writing Services

Our Grant Writing service provides early-stage startups and SMEs with the greatest chance of achieving funding, which is free, guaranteed and does not dilute equity.  


Whether your product or service is at an early-stage of development or ready for market, we will find Grants which are best suited for your needs.

Our team of experienced Grant Writers will provide a comprehensive, personalised service to ensure you can focus on the day-to-day while knowing your application will have the greatest chance of success. 

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Explore which Grant Applications you could be eligible for.

Grant Writing Service

Our end-to-end Grant Writing service includes:


  • Identifying appropriate Grants for your business

  • Ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria

  • Providing detailed information checklists and templates to collate the required information

  • Completing your Grant Application over a 4-day period 

  • Allocating you a dedicated Account Manager & Grant Writer throughout entire process


+ Success Fees

£4,000 Upfront Fee


for grants equal to or between £100,000 and £299,000


for grants equal to or between £300,000 and £499,000


for grants above £500,000

Grant Writing Process


1. Company Consultation

Our team will arrange a call with your Management Team to understand the projects your business is seeking to undertake and explore which Grants are currently available to your project, and ensure you meet the all of the eligibility criteria.


2. Data Collection

Once engaged, our team of Grant Writers will send you through a detailed information checklist specific to the Grant you are applying for. In addition, our team will provide you with templates to help you navigate the required information. 


3. Completion of the Grant Application


Our team of Grant Writers will be at your disposal across a 4-day sprint to ensure your Business Plan, Financial Forecast and any further documentation meets the requirements of the Grant Application. 


4. Submission of the Grant Application

Upon completion of all the documentation, the application will be submitted to the Grant Provider prior to the deadline.


5. Grant Outcome


Upon submission of the Grant Application, you will typically receive a notification as to whether you have been successful within 1-2 months. 

We'd love to talk to you


Our team of Grant Writers are on hand to answer any questions you may have

and explore which Grant Applications you may be eligible for.  


Oliver Muller - CREID, Founder

Thank you for your help with R&D Credits and UK Grant Filings. The process with you is always seamless and easy. The interactions were fast and we were able to claim back significant capital that helped our business. I recommend Claim Capital for any startup or business that is unaware of the available benefits out there, and can use this kind of help to get access to it.

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Speak with our Grant Writing team
Our team are on hand to answer any of your questions and help get
your Grant Application underway. 
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