Your Guide to R&D Tax Credits

Our comprehensive R&D Tax Credits guide provides an easy-to-digest explanation into what research and development tax credits are, how to make an R & D claim, and most importantly, how R&D tax relief can benefit your business.

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What are R&D Tax Credits?

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits were introduced over 20 years ago, to incenitvise and provide support for UK innovation.


After a startup or SME surpasses their first financial year, R&D Tax Credits allow them to claim back up to 33% of the R&D expenditure that was spent building their project.


Simply put, if you’ve spent £100,000 on research and development over the past financial year - you can reclaim up to £33,000 of that capital.

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Spend money on R&D.

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File an R&D Tax Credit claim.

Reclaim costs & reinvest into your business.


Am I eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits?

The great news is that both profit and loss-making businesses (across any sector) are eligible - as long as they meet three simple criteria:




Must be a UK Limited or PLC company.


Must have carried out activities that introduces a new product, process or service - or improves existing offerings.

Must have spent money in order to achieve this. 

Did you know - only 10% of eligible companies are currently taking advantage of R&D Tax Credits! That means a staggering 90% are missing out on non-repayable, non-dilutive funding.


If you're unsure about your business' eligibility, check out our eligible sectors page, or arrange a free consultation with one of our R&D Tax Specialists.


How much can I reclaim through R&D Tax Credits?

The amount of R&D tax relief you can claim is based upon two factors:

Which scheme you qualify for.


Companies with less than 500 employees, less than €100m in turnover, and less than €86m in gross assets, file under the SME scheme.


Companies exceeding these metrics file under the RDEC scheme.

Your business' financial position.

Profit-making companies can reclaim up to 25% of eligible R&D spending, in the form of a tax rebate against current or future tax liabilities.


Loss-making companies are entitled to up to 33% of eligible R&D spending, in the form of cash!

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Which costs can be reclaimed through R&D Tax Credits?

Within R&D Tax Credit claims, the Financial Report details the breakdown of total eligible expenditure, spanning the three categories below.


Claim Capital’s R&D Tax Specialists analyse every cost associated with your R&D project, to ensure we maximise your tax benefit.

Staff Costs


Hardware, Software & Consumables

How do you file an R&D Tax Credit claim?

The two core components needed to file an R&D Tax Credit claim are the financial & technical reports.

Financial Report

Details eligible expenditure involved within the R&D activity.

Technical Report

Provides technical evidence of R&D activity and expenditure.

Our R & D Claim Process.

Eligibility call with R&D Tax         Credits Specialist

Schedule an eligibility call, and you'll be assigned a dedicated R&D Tax Credits Specialist, who will assess the scope of your R & D claim.

2   Analyse Financial & Technical Data        for R&D Tax Credit Claim

We'll collect sufficient financial and technical information from your team, and perform an in-depth analysis to ensure no eligible cost is missed.

3   We complete Financial & Technical      R & D Claim Reports

We'll produce a comprehensive technical and financial report, detailing your maximised R&D Tax Credit claim.

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4   We submit completed R & D Claim              to HMRC

We pledge to complete and submit your R&D tax credit claim to HMRC within 3-5 days.

5   Receive R&D Tax Credit Benefit        from HMRC

HMRC approves your R & D claim and you receive the maximum tax benefit; either as cash or as a tax credit against future or current tax liabilities.

Why choose Claim Capital for your R&D Claim?


Our team of R&D tax specialists and chartered accountants holds over 20 years of experience in maximising R&D Tax Credit claims.


HMRC Agent

We're in constant contact with HMRC to monitor changes within R&D legislation, and adhere
to new guidelines.


Our 100% success rate is
a testament to our high standards and attention-to-detail. Our fixed fee is only payable upon success.

Success Stories.
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Great professional team and business, a pleasure to work with. They were on top of everything regarding our R & D claim.

Joy Abisaab, CEO & Co-Founder

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