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We secure maximised
R&D Tax Credit claims for

innovative UK companies.

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About us.

Our Managing Director, Max Raynor, started his career in Corporate Finance helping UK SMEs grow and scale, before venturing out to run his own technology startup. 


After investing significant amounts of capital into Research & Development, he questioned why so many R&D Tax Credit specialists were charging UK startups and companies 5-20% of their tax benefit to file their claim. 


After finding no logical answer, Claim Capital was born.

Since incorporation in 2018, Claim Capital has established itself as one of the most trustworthy and efficient R&D Tax Specialists in the UK, delivering over £25.8 million in R&D Tax Credit benefit to our clients.

Claim Capital Team

Meet the team.

Max Raynor Claim Capital

Max Raynor

Founder & Director

Max founded Claim Capital in 2018, and has been leading us since.

Matt Dangell Claim Capital

Matt Dangell

Business Development Director

Matt has 6 years of experience in helping startups and SMEs grow.

Tasha Lee Claim Capital

Tasha Lee

Account Manager

Tasha, our trusted liaison, ensures the R&D claim process runs smoothly.

Harry Jones Claim Capital

Harry Jones

R&D Tax Specialist

Harry's R&D Tax career started at ForrestBrown and spans 5 years.

Abdur Ali Claim Capital

Abdur Ali

R&D Tax Specialist

With CTA-qualified training, Abdur has specialised in R&D Tax for 7 years.

Sam Scott Claim Capital

Sam Scott

R&D Tax Specialist

Sam is a seasoned R&D Tax expert, joining us after 5 years at EY.

Guiseppe Amoroso Claim Capital

Giuseppe Amoroso, PhD

Technical R&D Tax Specialist

Giuseppe gained his PhD in Materials Chemistry & Nanotechnology.

Akar Sinha Claim Capital

Akar Sinha

Technical R&D Tax Specialist

Akar's Engineering degree involved work on 3 solar energy R&D projects.

Leah Poser Claim Capital

Leah Poser

Marketing Manager

Leah is an expert in digital advertising and directs our marketing campaign. 

Amelia Hawney Claim Capital

Amelia Hawney

Marketing Assistant

Amelia specialises in content marketing and all things creative.

Think you'd make a great addition to the team? 


Explore our current job openings. ​

Sophie Scoular Claim Capital

Sophie Scoular

Business Development Manager

Sophie builds valuable partnerships to drive business development.

Success Stories.

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Great professional team and business, a pleasure to work with. They were on top of everything regarding our R&D tax claim.

Joy Abisaab, CEO & Co-Founder

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Claim Capital, in Numbers.




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Our Partners.

We're proud to have partnered with some of the largest and most established companies within the UK's startup ecosystem, building a community which is aligned with our mission of helping innovative businesses achieve their growth potential. 

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