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Are you developing a new product, process or service?

Whether you've spent money on a Research & Development project, or require new funding to help you achieve the next phase of development, Claim Capital has the expertise to help fund your future growth. 

R&D Tax Credits

Reclaim up to 33% of your R&D costs using our £3,000 Fixed Fee or Advanced Funding service.

Grant Writing Service

Achieve Grant Funding to further develop your R&D project and achieve your growth potential.

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£3,000 Fixed Fee

R&D Tax Credit Service.

Ensure you never pay for an R&D Tax Credit service based on the size of your tax benefit. Learn more about our success-based, £3,000 fixed fee service.


Skip the HMRC queue with

Advanced R&D Funding 

For companies with 2 or more previous successful R&D tax claims, we can Advance you up to £250,000 of your tax benefit.  

Fuel your innovation with

Grant Funding 

Access an alternative form of funding in Grant Funding. It's free, 100% guaranteed upon success and won't dilute your equity shareholding. 


Just a few of our happy customers...


Callum Kellas - The Nobl Group

“Claim capital came to me when I was considering their competitors and they represented about 80% saving on the cost of R&D advice. I was suspicious of the quality of their offering but having been through the process I'm disappointed I ever went anywhere else. Not only did they save us a lot of money but the workload from my side was negligible compared to companies I have used previously” 


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