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Businesses of all sectors can
qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

R&D Tax Relief is not exclusive to specific sectors. All industries can conduct research and development, and therefore, all industries can benefit from R and D Tax Credits. Use the boxes below for a more detailed look at some of the industries that qualify for R&D Tax Credits. 


The construction sector is highly eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits.


Technology companies conduct many qualifying activities for R&D Tax Relief.


R&D Tax Relief allows engineering companies to optimise their cashflow.

Food Tech

Innovation within food and drink can benefit from R&D Tax Relief.


Manufacturing is an R&D-intensive sector that is eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits.


Medicine is a leading industry when it comes to claiming R&D Tax Credits.


Why our customers choose us:

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We have one, fixed-fee service regardless of claim size and we only get paid when your claim is successfully processed.  

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High quality service

End to end claim management and genuine, honest advice about your qualifying expenditure and likelihood of a successful claim. We focus on accurate, compliant claims – not inflating your claim.

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Fast turnaround

We aim to submit claims within 3-5 working days of receiving the necessary information.

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