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Claiming R&D Tax Credits.

Our experienced R&D Tax Specialists are here to recoup up to 33% of your previous R&D spending, fuelling your business' cashflow every financial year.

Last year, 6.6bn worth of tax relief was paid out to UK businesses through R&D Tax Credits.​

How we deliver R&D Tax Credit claims.

Claim Capital's end-to-end R&D Tax Credit service.


We make claiming R and D Tax Credits seamless and more efficient by completing and submitting the entire R&D claim on your behalf, whilst maximising your benefit.


We're so confident in our approach that we only charge our fixed fee once you receive your R and D Tax Credit benefit from HMRC.

What's included? 

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Financial & Technical component completion

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R&D claim completion within 3-5 working days

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Dedicated Account Manager & R&D Tax Specialist

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Expert HMRC compliance screening

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Full HMRC Enquiry Support at no extra cost

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No upfront costs

R&D Tax Credits

Our R&D Claim Process.

Eligibility call with a R&D Tax Specialist

Our initial eligibility call is designed to clarify that your business qualifies for R and D Tax Credits, and to assess the potential scope of your claim. If you choose to proceed, you'll be introduced to your dedicated R&D Tax Credit Specialist and Account Manager.


Our team of experts holds over 20 years of experience in R&D Tax, spanning a wide range of innovative industries. We do the heavy lifting, to ensure your annual R&D claim process is stress-free and streamlined. This allows you to remain focused on the job at hand - growing your business!


2   We analyse your Financial & Technical Data

Once we obtain sufficient financial and technical information from your team, your dedicated Financial & Technical R&D Tax Consultant performs an in-depth analysis to ensure that no eligible cost is left out of your R&D claim.


Our thorough analysis enables us to identify and extract the full breadth of qualifying expenditure, returning you the maximum benefit.

3   Your R&D Tax Specialist completes the Technical & Financial R&D Claim Reports

We'll produce a comprehensive technical and financial report, detailing your maximised R&D Tax Credit claim.


Our experts are well-versed in producing successful R&D claims whilst adhering to HMRC's strict legislation. We'll demonstrate and justify all calculations to explain how we arrived at the total claim benefit.

Abdur Ali
Harry: R&D Tax Credit Specialist
Giuseppe: Technical R&D Tax Consultant

4   We're authorised to submit the R&D Tax Credit claim in-house, directly to HMRC

We pledge to complete your R&D Tax Credit claim within 3-5 working days of receiving the necessary information. Once your R&D claim is finalised, we're authorised to submit it to HMRC in-house, eliminating the third-party delay that can occur with accountants or DIY platforms.

5   You receive your R&D Tax Relief from HMRC

You can rest assured that our work isn't done until your R&D claim benefit lands in the hands of your business. In the extremely rare case of an enquiry, we'll compile additional financial and technical evidence to defend your R&D Tax Credit claim and reach resolution.


You'll then receive your tax benefit either as cash, or a Corporation Tax deduction off current or future tax liabilities. Typically, you'll receive your R&D claim benefit from HMRC within 4-6 weeks.


Who qualifies for R&D Tax Credits?

Research and development (R&D) is conducted by businesses of every sector, provided that they are innovating a new product, process, or service - or enhancing existing ones.

To make an R&D Tax Credit claim, your business must fulfil this simple criteria: 

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Be a limited company in the UK that is subject to Corporation Tax

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Have carried out qualifying research and development activities

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Have spent money on these projects

How do R&D Tax Credits work?


Businesses spend money on research and development (R&D) activities.


Once the R&D claim is accepted by HMRC, businesses recoup up to 33% of their yearly R&D expenditure, and are able to reinvest into their project.


Businesses file R&D Tax Credit claims with Claim Capital, at the end of every financial year.

Success Stories.
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Great professional team and business, a pleasure to work with. They were on top of everything regarding our R&D claim.

Joy Abisaab, CEO & Co-Founder

R&D Tax Credits client
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About Claim Capital.


Our team of R&D Tax Specialists holds over 20 years of experience in delivering and optimising
R and D Tax Credits.


HMRC Agent

We're in constant contact with HMRC to monitor R&D Tax legislation, ensuring that we adhere to new guidelines and minimise the chances of enquiry.


Our 100% success rate is
a testament to our high standards. Reflected in our success-based fee, our work isn't done until you receive your R&D claim.

Speak to a specialist

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 R&D Tax Credit Specialists.


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Want to learn more about R&D Tax Credits?

Our blog is regularly updated with information regarding R and D Tax Credits.
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How and when are R&D Tax Credits paid?

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