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Is your company eligible
for R&D Tax Credits?


To qualify for R&D Tax Credits, your business must meet the following three requirements:

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Be a UK Limited or PLC company

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Have carried out qualifying Research & Development projects

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Have spent money on these R&D projects

If your company checks these boxes, arrange a free, no-obligation

consultation with one of our technical R&D specialists.

Who qualifies for R&D Tax Credits? 

Research & Development (R&D) is evident in every sector, allowing all industries to access the largest tax relief scheme for UK startups and SMEs. 






Fashion & Textiles

+ many more!


Success Stories.

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Claim Capital delivered what promised, very professional service and excellent R&D account agents.

Maria Emilia Torres, Director

How much could your company claim?

The amount of expenditure your company can reclaim through R&D Tax Credits depends

on several factors, such as whether your business is profit or loss-making,

and whether you've received notified state aid.

Hover over the text below to see some examples:

Profit-making construction company spending £250k on R&D

A profit-making company is eligible to claim back up to 21.5% of eligible R&D costs from HMRC. So, a company spending £250,000 on R&D can receive up to £53,750.

A profit-making company is eligible to claim 25% of eligible R&D costs back from HMRC. This means a company spending £250,000 on R&D can receive up to £62,500.

Loss-making technology startup spending £75k on R&D over the past year

A loss-making company is eligible to claim 27% of eligible R&D costs back from HMRC. So,  a company spending £75,00 on R&D can reclaim up to £20,250 (in cash!).

Your company has been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant, and spent it on R&D

If you’ve been awarded a grant, you've already received notified state aid. This means you’ll be able to reclaim 20% of eligible R&D costs, subject to corporation tax.

Our Process.

Eligibility call with R&D Tax Specialist

Schedule an eligibility call, and you'll be assigned a dedicated R&D Tax Credit Specialist, who will assess the scope of your claim.

2   Analyse Financial & Technical Data

We'll collect sufficient financial and technical information from your team, and perform an in-depth analysis to ensure no eligible cost is missed.

3   Technical R&D Report Completion

We'll produce a comprehensive technical and financial report, detailing your maximised R&D Tax Credit claim.

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4   Technical Report Submission to HMRC

We pledge to complete and submit your R&D tax claim to HMRC within 3-5 days.

5   Receive Tax Benefit from HMRC

HMRC approves your claim and you receive the maximum tax benefit; either as cash or as a tax credit against future or current tax liabilities.

Arrange your free R&D consultation

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