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Which sectors are eligible for tax relief from HMRC?

Updated: May 18, 2023

Did you know that if you’ve created a new product, process or service, then you may be entitled to claim back up to 27% of your research and development (R&D) costs?*

Profitable and loss-making companies across a variety of industries are eligible to submit a claim under the government’s Research and Development Tax Credit Scheme for their latest innovations.

Innovation is evident across almost all industries, and therefore, it could be very likely that the R&D projects you have undertaken could very well be eligible for R&D Tax Credits.

Unsure whether your industry qualifies? Explore which sectors are eligible and we often work with below...


Biomedical and Biotech companies have long been involved in academic research and furthering new medical technologies and products, all of which can be very expensive. Recouping a portion of your costs could enable you to further your research.

Apps & Software Development

No application or software platform is developed without an element of R&D, so this is a dynamic sector where you’re almost guaranteed to receive an approved R&D tax claim.


Construction may not be the first industry you think of that would qualify however, things such as eco-home design, experimenting with renewable energy materials, finding new ways to conserve listed buildings, and many more projects all qualify.

Food Technology

From solving issues with delivery management systems to designing the latest wholesale catering equipment which outperforms the competition, wherever your research takes you, it almost certainly makes you eligible to claim.


A primary sector within R&D is undeniably electronics. Technological advancements and new products are being manufactured at such a quick rate so, if you’re currently, or very close to, making a breakthrough it is important to have all of the funding that is available to you in order to continue funding your projects.


While this is very a broad term, if you're working in the manufacturing industry then odds are you have at least one project you can submit a claim for. Whether it’s the design of a prototype or the creation of alternative materials, speak with one of our R&D Tax Specialists to find out if your project qualifies!


From drones to driverless cars and everything in between, the transport sector is constantly innovating. Whatever your latest project, if you can prove it’s something that you’ve developed and outline the steps you’ve taken, then you should get back what’s due to you.

Clothing and Textiles

If you’ve been experimenting with clothing, fabrics, and/or finishing processes and have come up with something innovative that isn’t yet on the market, there is a good chance you’ll be able to put forward a claim.

Still unsure if you’re eligible? Reach out to our team here at Claim Capital for a free consultation or explore further with our in depth R&D Tax Credit Guide.

Ready to go ahead with your claim?

Our experienced team at Claim Capital are here to assist you in putting together a detailed claim to submit to HMRC and guide you throughout the entire process.

*These are the updated figures in line with the new legislation announced in the April 2023 Spring Budget.


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