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We deliver successful 
R&D Tax Credit claims for innovative companies.

Here at Claim Capital, we believe that when working with an R&D Tax Specialist founders should have the confidence that their R&D claim will be fully maximised, completed in a timely manner and most importantly – be successful.


That’s why we’ve assembled a team of specialist R&D Tax Consultants to deliver a market-leading service. With over 20 years of combined technical expertise in optimising R&D Tax Credit claims, we have successfully delivered over £25.8 million in tax benefit to our clients. 

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Max Raynor

Managing Director

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Our Story

Our Managing Director, Max Raynor, started his career in Corporate Finance helping UK SMEs grow and scale, before venturing out to run his own technology start-up. 


After investing significant amounts of capital into Research & Development, he questioned why so many R&D Tax Credit specialists were charging UK startups and companies 10-30% of their tax benefit to file their claim. 


After finding no logical answer, Claim Capital was born.

Since incorporation in 2018, Claim Capital has established itself as one of the most trusted and fastest growing R&D Tax Specialists in the UK, 

delivering over £25.8 million in R&D Tax Credit benefit to our clients.

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Our Partners

We're proud to have partnered with some of the largest and most established companies within the UK start-up ecosystem, building a community which is completely aligned in helping startups and SMEs achieve their growth potential. 

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Success Stories.

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Great professional team and business, a pleasure to work with. They were on top of everything regarding our R&D tax claim.

Joy Abisaab, CEO & Co-Founder

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