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Our R&D Tax Credit service
saved Quest over £15,000.

Although Quest Precision Engineering had been claiming R&D tax credits for a number of years, they came to Claim Capital for their 2021 R&D claim as a fixed fee model was significantly more cost effective.

About Quest Precision Engineering


With over 150 years of experience within the Turning, Milling & EDM sectors of engineering, Question Precision Engineering is at the forefront of the subcontracted engineering sector, working across a diverse range of sectors including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Electronics and Automotive industries.



Reflecting on Quest Precision Engineering's experience throughout the R&D claim process, their Managing Director, Gordon Deuchars, said that the support they received from Claim Capital made the R&D Tax Credit process seamless from start to finish and that they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our R&D claim service. 


Claim Capital have since worked with Gordon on Quest’s 2022 R&D Tax Credit claim, and we look forward to maintaining a relationship with the business.

How will Unissu re-invest their R&D claim benefit?


Quest have ambitious plans to grow their business over the next 18-24 months. The money they have been reimbursed through their R&D Tax Credit benefit, as well as more than £15,000 they saved in advisor fees, will go a long way in helping them achieve upcoming growth milestones. 

Their plans involve investing £1.5 million into plant machinery, as well as increasing employment levels from 24 up to 40. This includes hiring additional apprentices, which would not have been possible without the cash influx from their R&D Tax Credit claim.

Why did Quest Precision Engineering choose
Claim Capital?


Having spoken with some R&D Tax Advisors charging up to 30% of the total R&D claim benefit, Quest found that Claim Capital’s fixed fee would be far more cost-effective, and fully transparent. Due to the size of Quest’s 2021 R&D Tax Credit claim, this resulted in savings of over £15,000 in advisor fees!

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I would confidently recommend Claim Capital's R&D Tax Credit service! Their specialist advice maximises the return of our R&D claims.

Eddie Holmes, Co-Founder

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