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Ark's R&D Claim provided invaluable
boost to technology development

"We we’re walked through each step of the R & D claim process in a clear and helpful way, from the Account Management side and from our assigned R&D Tax Credits Specialist, Harry, who was excellent throughout. When the benefit came through from HMRC it just felt like free money!"

About Ark


Ark is a property management platform that aims to radically improve the renting process in the UK, from helping larger institutional-level landlords, smaller independent landlords, and of course, the millions of renters across the UK. Logistical support offered by Ark’s technology enables landlords to stay compliant, keep an open communication with tenants, and organize everything involved in managing property.



Before claiming R&D Tax Credits with Claim Capital, Ark had a brief understanding of the R&D Tax Relief scheme. However, they didn’t know how to make an R&D Tax Credit claim, or what the R & D claim process involved. After contacting Claim Capital, Ark found that a conversation with our R&D Tax Specialists quickly resolved their confusion. Ark highlighted our attentive communication and clear explanation of the scheme, as well as the scope of their R & D claim.

How will Ark re-invest the R&D claim money?


Ark's successful R&D Tax Relief benefit allowed them to reinvest into their technology - such as growing their web dashboard, and optimising mobile applications. Angus told us that Claim Capital's maximised R & D claim return provided Ark with “a definite boost to the speed at which our technology develops.” They are also planning on allocating a portion of the benefit towards expanding their team and bringing on new personnel.

Why did Ark choose Claim Capital?


From initially speaking with other R&D Tax Advisors, Ark became aware of how Claim Capital’s fixed fee model diverged from the predominantly percentage-based market. After competitors presented them with commission-based fees of between 10-30% of the R&D claim benefit, Ark soon found that Claim Capital’s fees and quality of service stood out as the most attractive route.

What advice would Ark give to companies who aren’t claiming R&D tax credits?


The team at Ark shared that, even though the R & D process can come across as quite daunting for a first-time claimant, just one short call with an R&D Tax Credit Specialist at Claim Capital can transform it into a simple and streamlined process, taking little of the founder's time away from the business.

Angus believes that that anyone thinking about claim R&D Tax Credits should just do it - "when the benefit came through from HMRC it just felt like free money!”

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I'd certainly be happy to recommend Claim Capital! We can absolutely vouch for the services they provide.

Angus Reid, Head of Partnerships


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