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R&D Advance Funding

Why wait for your R&D Tax Credits?

R&D Advance Funding, explained.

If you’ve previously been successful in claiming R&D tax credits, there is a good chance we can offer you an advancement on your next claim.

Overcome cash-flow delays with advance funding

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Whilst HMRC do aim to get claims processed and paid within 6 weeks, there can often be delays which prevent your company receiving R&D tax claims in a timely manner. For many businesses, R&D tax credits are crucial to support further development; so, Claim Capital have combined R&D tax credit consultancy with R&D advance loans to create a market leading offering.


Rather than waiting for HMRC to process your claim, we will advance 80% of the claim value upon submission to HMRC. Once HMRC have processed and paid your claim, you simply pay Claim Capital back the advancement plus any fees.

How R&D Advanced Funding works.

Claim Value

Claim Value of £100,000


£80,000 advancement upon submission of the R&D report

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7 weeks later, the company receives it's £100,000 claim from HMRC



The company repays Claim Capital £80,000 +£8,000 in fees

Our Advanced Funding Service.

Our R&D Advanced Funding Service.


A fully managed service with advanced funding with a personal guarantee for those with previous claims history.*

What's included? 

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The higher of £5,000 or 8% of the total claim value

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80% advance upon submission

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Advancement £25k - £250k

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Includes R&D report writing

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Funds paid within 24 hours of application submission

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No upfront costs

Our service

R&D Advance Funding FAQs.

Do I need to have previously claimed R&D Tax Credits to qualify for R&D Advance Funding?


Yes, you will need have filed two successful R&D Tax Credit claims previously, to qualify for R&D Advance Funding. However, for companies who have only filed one previous R&D claim we will consider and access on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch to see if you qualify for advanced funding.


Does my R&D claim need to be a minimum amount to qualify for advanced funding?


Typically, we require your R&D Tax benefit to be a minimum of £50,000 to qualify for R&D Advance Funding.

Is there a maximum amount I can apply for through R&D Advance Funding?


No, currently there is no maximum amount and your loan is determined by the R&D Tax Relief you’re due to receive.


When do I need to pay back the R&D Advance loan?


Once you have received your R&D Tax Relief from HMRC you will be required to pay back the R&D Advance loan.

If you have questions about regular R&D Tax Credit claims, see our full list of FAQs.

Free Advance Funding consultation.

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