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Webinar: £8 million raised in 8 months through social media

At Claim Capital we partnered with Digital Marketing Agency Social Gamma to host a webinar exploring how startups can raise capital through social media.

View the webinar recording below to discover how you could raise £8 million in 8 months through social media. Or keep scrolling to read through the blog round-up.

In this blog we’ve rounded-up the main takeaways, including why social media is effective for fundraising and the core components of a successful strategy.

Why fundraise through social media?

1. Crowdfunding platforms are oversaturated: It's difficult to stand out amongst the masses that are seeking investment.

2. You can create and nurture a community: You're more likely to raise if a support community is formed through providing value.

3. You don't need to worry about hitting a funding goal: Unlike crowdfunding sites, social media won't require you to meet a funding goal in order to receive capital.

4. You stay in control of your message: As you're not sacrificing ownership of your business, your social media presence stays authentic to your brand.

How to fundraise through social media

1. Identify your target investor:

Build an investor profile to guide your LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns.

- Do they work in a similar field?

- Do they hold a certain level of seniority?

- Once you know who you want to invest, you can specifically market your product to them.

2. Make sure your marketing message is consistent:

Should potential investors visit your website, or other social media profiles, your identity must be clear and consistent. This helps investors believe in you and your mission.

3. Integrate CRM technology:

Nurture leads individually by using automated email templates and follow-ups, to build rapport.

4. Pitch and convert leads:

Have an engaging pitch deck ready to deliver to potential investors one-on-one. This is your final push at encouraging them to get on board.

Want to get a more detailed picture of how to fundraise through social media? To hear more about marketing expert Ria Mehta’s strategy, get in touch with her via email


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