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Introducing Vantage, the growth programme for UK startups

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

At Claim Capital, helping startups and SMEs flourish is something we’re passionate about.

Our R&D Tax Credit service drives this mission, providing our clients with annual financial support, that they can reinvest into the growth of their business.

We want to introduce an exciting new partner of ours, that shares the same passion.

💡 Introducing Vantage

We’ve partnered with Vantage, a growth programme for UK startups, designed to help them scale effectively.

Each of their growth programmes offers a series of hands-on events, providing early-stage founders with the support, guidance, and networking opportunities that they need to optimise their business and shine in front of investors.

Whether it's workshops covering pitch decks, presentation skills, building a winning team, or legal advice, Vantage calls upon speakers that are masters in their field – to share the secrets behind securing that all-important funding.

From working with over 500 startups and SMEs, we know just how difficult it can be to succeed in a raise. And competition is only heating up!

In fact, we’ve previously explored that data suggests there to be less than 100 acceptances granted across the span of a whole year.

It’s clear that in order to stand out from the competition and win over an investor panel, founders need specialist preparation and expertise.

Using their experience in corporate finance and the startup landscape, as well as collaboration from an extensive portfolio of industry experts, Vantage is taking on the challenge of making funding more accessible for diverse businesses.

🌱 The Female Founder Growth Series

Fittingly announced on International Women’s Day, Vantage are now taking applications for their brand-new growth programme – the Female Founder Growth Series!

The lack of female representation within the R&D landscape, and entrepreneurship in general, reveals a fundamentally flawed funding system.

One of Vantage’s main drivers for this programme is the fact that in 2021, only 2% of venture capital funds were allocated to female-led startups - even though gender diversity within businesses has been proven to generate greater return on investment (ROI).

In total, The World Bank estimates the funding gap between men and women to be valued at £1.3 trillion.

Vantage acknowledge that whilst it’s not the responsibility of women to bridge the gender funding gap, and that structural changes need to be implemented from the top down, this eight-week programme is designed to produce a cohort of fully investable female founders, ready to take on the male-dominated business environment.

🏆 Apply for the Female Founder Growth Series

The Female Founder Growth Series addresses the wants and needs of both women-led businesses and VC investors, and is running in London from the 20th of April to the 8th of June.

In celebration of our partnership with Vantage, we're offering members of their cohort a £1,000 discount off of their first R&D claim with us.

Applications are now open! Click here to apply.

Or if you know of a female-led business that could benefit from this totally free mentorship programme – share and let them know!

Unlike other growth programmes in the space, Vantage doesn’t ask for any equity in return.

Keep up-to-date with Vantage on LinkedIn, and watch out for their upcoming initiatives.


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