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Introducing Avery Law: Your law firm, reimagined

💼 Legalities for startups and SMEs: Why does it matter?

Building a startup from the ground up, or nurturing an established SME, takes founders on a journey that’s greatly influenced by legal regulation.

From incorporation, to investment negotiations, legal understanding is necessary for the success of their business.

For example, companies often find that they have to deal with government established institutions, whether it’s to obtain proper licensing, or to pay taxes.

Plus, risk-management when dealing with third parties will help to protect the product, process, or service that they’ve worked so hard to develop.

Seeking legal advice and services isn’t something that can be delayed until later down the line.

It’s important to stay on top of your company’s legalities from as early as possible!

💡 Avery Law: Your law firm, reimagined

Avery Law is a redefining boutique law firm, for the changing legal marketplace.

Unlike traditional firms, Avery Law fully embraces a tech-enabled, agile model, re-inventing the way in which businesses can access value-driven, sophisticated advice.

Avery Law holds the aim of crafting a disruptive, innovative, and lean (low-overhead, technology-driven) corporate boutique law firm to challenge the market by providing entrepreneurs with a more personalised service.

The experts at Avery Law have established their presence and niche in the growth-focused tech space, with a reputation for helping startups and scaleups raise funds and lead on acquisitions and disposals.

💸 The focus on fundraising

The venture capital (VC) team at Avery Law provides commercially-focused legal assistance throughout the investment lifecycle, from the establishment of investment structures, to investment execution and exits.

This law firm has years of experience in helping both SMEs and investors develop a specialist understanding of the VC landscape.

When it comes to advancing through each raise, whilst safeguarding your company's interests, engaging with Avery Law is the obvious choice.

“We recognise that in the early phases of a startup's growth, legal risks need to safeguarded as best they can without breaking the bank. We love working with startups. We're often as enthusiastic about your business as you are.” - Avery Law

Based on our shared mission of giving startups and SMEs the tools to advance their business, we’re proud to announce that Claim Capital has recently partnered with Avery Law!

To proactively kickstart our partnership, we’re going to be co-hosting a workshop that shares how to navigate the legal issues that crop up pre and post-funding.

Just last year, Avery Law were crowned Best Modern Law Firm and Best Fundraising Lawyer at the 2021 Legal Awards.

So, when it comes to explaining the legalities around fundraising, and the general startup ecosystem, we’re proud to be sharing advice from the experts.

Following on from our successful events on different funding methods and marketing strategies, we can’t wait to push our webinar series further and tackle a critical topic such legal safeguarding.

📆 This webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 16th March at 1pm.

Save your seat by registering here!


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