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Grant funding competition is fierce, here’s how to stand out

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Research and development (R&D) grant funding has never been more competitive. Equally, the state of our post-lockdown economy makes financial aid more valuable than ever.

Together, these factors reveal the value of professional guidance when it comes to producing a stand-out grant proposal.

In the early stages of research & development, it’s vital that companies can invest into advancing their product or service. So, many SMEs rely on grant funding to secure the means to elevate their project.

But gaining access to this beneficial scheme is not as simple as you might hope.

Competition for grant funding is at an all-time high, with a huge influx of companies all going after the same pot of funds. Whilst many SMEs try their chances with multiple one-size-fits-all applications, they key to success lies in tailor-made details that meet distinct competition criteria.

But how can you fulfil criteria that isn’t readily available to you?

That’s where consulting an expert grant writer can help!

We'd like to introduce our group company, GrantEd.

GrantEd is a unique all-in-one grant consultancy platform, offering its users access to insider knowledge and the tools needed to help them check every box when it comes to writing a winning grant application.

Take the pain out of applying.

GrantEd is home to an expert team of grant writers and advisors, with years of experience in matching companies with the grant competition that’s most likely to favour their project.

By your side, they develop a personal understanding of your R&D project, and ensure that you only enter competitions which offer you the greatest chance of success.

Overseeing the many moving parts of your SME is no walk in the park. Using GrantEd to simplify your grant writing process can relieve some of the pressures of getting your business off the ground, giving you time to reinvest into other areas.

So, how do GrantEd help?

Initially, GrantEd's eligibility checks identify the perfect grant competition for your startup or SME. From there, an abundance of comprehensive content will appear at your fingertips, from question templates and example answers, to customisable charts, and much more.

For the dominant Innovate UK Smart Grant, unsuccessful applications are only permitted one resubmission – that's a maximum of just two attempts!

That’s why its vital to hit it out the park on your first try.

To help get your grant proposal in the best shape possible, GrantEd assigns you a personal grant writer for one-on-one consultation. Your grant writer will be on hand to review and submit your application along the way.

Why wait?

With round-the-clock guidance at the touch of a button, your project stands a much higher chance of securing the funding you deserve.

As we enter the new year, there’s no better time to take the first steps towards supercharging your business through grant funding.

Get in touch with GrantEd to arrange a free consultation.

Oh, and FYI - if you've already got at least one year's worth of r & d under your belt, you could reclaim up to 33% of R&D spending through the UK's R&D Tax Credit scheme. At Claim Capital, this is where we shine. Get in touch with our specialists to see how much you could be owed.

The best news of all is that you can use grant funding and R&D Tax Credits on the same project!

That's financial aid at both ends of the R&D process. Sound too good to be true? We promise, it's not! But the rules here are a little more complex.

To learn more about how grant funding and R&D Tax Credits work together, click here.


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