Crowdfunding Unicorns: The Hall of Fame

Crowdfunding is now more popular around the world than ever before, not only as a fundraising tool for startups and SMEs, but also as an opportunity for just about anyone with a bank account to become a business-savvy investor.

In a tech-driven world, the online listing of pre-market products has transformed the innovation landscape, allowing creators to gauge demand for their idea, build up a support community, and rake in huge amounts of cash without approaching a single VC.

Among the most successful companies in the world, you can find a few particularly rare beasts – the crowdfunding unicorns.

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about mythical creatures here. We’re talking about unicorn businesses - privately held companies valuated at over $1B – that hit their crowdfunding campaigns out the park.

Let’s take a walk down the crowdfunding hall of fame…

1. Brewdog

Brewdog was founded in 2007, by James Watt and Martin Dickie. The pair had grown tired of uninspiring beer, and started brewing their own from the comfort of their own home.

From there, Brewdog was born.

Fast-forward to today, Brewdog holds the world record title for equity crowdfunding – having raised a staggering £43M solely through Crowdcube, the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform.

Having used Crowdcube to run three hugely successful funding rounds, the platform champions Brewdog as their poster child, and has built up a community of over 80,000 Equity Punk investors.

2. Revolut

Fintech giant, Revolut, prides itself as the world’s first truly global financial superapp. Though customers’ personal and business accounts, Revol