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Unissu's R&D claim maximised by £32,000

 After receiving a significant larger R&D claim benefit with Claim Capital for their 2020 financial year, Unissu became concerned that their accountant had been underclaiming in previous years. Unissu asked us to review their previous R&D claims, where our team of R&D Tax Specialists discovered a £32,000 shortfall.

About Unissu


Unissu is the number one source for PropTech data, content and research. Their marketplace offers professionals within the real estate industry an opportunity to gain new information and insights into the ever-growing world of PropTech.



Claim Capital have now completed three R&D Tax Credit claims for Unissu. Initially, Unissu came to Claim Capital for their 2020 R&D claim, but later asked the team to review their 2019 claim after our experts recouped more tax relief than they had anticipated. This is when we discovered a £32,000 shortfall in their 2019 R&D claim that their accountants had missed. The recollection of this substantial amount of capital motivated Unissu to stay with Claim Capital. Since then, our team of R&D Specialists have also completed Unissu’s 2021 R&D Tax Credit claim.

How will Unissu re-invest their R&D claim benefit?


Unissu told us that the cash benefit they received through their R&D Tax Credit claims has been extremely beneficial to the business, bringing significant boosts to their cashflow. This cashflow supplement was used to accelerate the growth of their team an bring on new employees.


Additionally, Unissu was able to speed up product development as well as improve and expand upon their marketing efforts. It's fair to say that R&D Tax Credits have made a transformative difference to the progress that Unissu have made over the past three years.

Why did Unissu choose Claim Capital?


Previously, Unissu had used their accountants to complete and file their R&D claims - alongside their regular bookkeeping. But after being concerned that they had been undervaluing the size of their R&D claim, they made the decision to engage an R&D Tax Specialist. Unissu came across Claim Capital through the UK PropTech Association, as we have been UKPA's recommended R&D Tax Credit partner for several years.


Having built a close working relationship with Claim Capital across three R&D claims, Eddie Holmes, co-founder of Unissu, shared that he would confidently recommend our R&D Tax Credit service, and urges UK PropTech companies to reach out for specialist advice.

What advice would Unissu give to companies who aren’t claiming R&D tax credits?


Unissu encourages any technology company who isn't yet claiming to explore their potential for taking advantage of the R&D Tax Relief scheme. Eddie personally advises any entrepreneur who is currently using a generalist advisor, like their accountant, to seek specialist R&D advice to ensure that their R&D claim is maximised.

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I would confidently recommend Claim Capital's R&D Tax Credit service! Their specialist advice maximises the return of our R&D claims.

Eddie Holmes, Co-Founder

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