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Our end-to-end service allowed Slync to focus solely on running their business.

Faiza Choudhury, Co-Founder of Slync, shared that Claim Capital was "extremely genuine, resourceful, and very specialised in what they do."

About Slync


Slync is a social hiring app created for the mindsets of Gen Z and younger millennials. This generation's workforce focus on video CVs rather than paper CVs, allowing candidates to fully brand themselves through skill sets and personalities, as well as traditional qualifications.



R&D Tax Credits are incredibly important for startups and early-stage businesses such as Slync, because the re-imbursed money gained through the R&D claim directly funds future growth. Due to the nature of Slync’s ongoing technology development, there has always been a strong scope for them to claim R&D Tax Credits.

How will Slync re-invest their R&D claim benefit?


The money we recouped for Slync through their 2019 R&D Tax Credit claim was spent on developing their Android product, and their recurring claims in the future will be allocated to making innovative changes to the product.


This cashflow boost has also allowed Slync to re-strategize and consider all the areas in the business that they couldn’t focus on before.

Why did Slync choose Claim Capital?


Slync were looking for an R&D Tax Advisor that could make the entire R&D claim process simple and efficient from their perspective, requiring very little time to be taken away from running the business.


Our end-to-end R&D Tax Credit service allows founders to offload every aspect of the R&D claim, so in contrast to DIY platforms, our model was the perfect fit. Claim Capital have now completed three consecutive R&D Tax Credit claims for Slync.

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I would confidently recommend Claim Capital's R&D Tax Credit service! Their specialist advice maximises the return of our R&D claims.

Eddie Holmes, Co-Founder

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