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Boost your cashflow with R&D Tax Credit claims

Helping UK SMEs access funding fast


Three Reasons Customers Choose Us

Fixed-Fee Pricing Model

Most R&D Tax Credit consultants work on a percentage fee basis. That means you could be giving away too much of your claim.


We have one, fixed-fee service regardless of claim size and we only get paid if your claim is successful, when it's successful.   


What this means for you?

You’ll get one of the most reputable, cost-effective R&D Tax Credit services on the market. Plus, genuine, honest advice about your qualifying expenditure and likelihood of a successful claim. We focus on accurate, compliant claims – not inflating your claim.

Other Providers:

Percentage based fees

Hidden costs

Claim Capital:

Fixed-fee one time cost

Only pay on success

Other Providers:

Annual lock in terms

Drain on busy founders’ time

Claim Capital:

No lock in period

We write the technical narrative for you

High-quality, flexible service

Unlike other providers, we’re so confident in our service you won't be tied in with us contractually after your first claim.


Our experts write and submit the technical and financial narrative for you using information you deliver over a call – so no more paperwork. 


Our enquiry rate is low – 2% compared to an industry average of 20% - but if you are unlucky, you’ll get end to end enquiry support for no additional charge too.


What this means for you?

Hassle-free, compliant claims process from start to finish.

Fast Turnaround

With decades of experience working with start-ups and SMEs, we know how important it is to receive tax relief quickly so you can reinvest into your business.


Our experts aim to submit your claim in as little as 3-5 working days.


What this means for you?

Fast access to all-important cashflow leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Other Providers:

Claims submitted in weeks

Claim Capital:

Claims submitted in days

Join 500+ businesses working with Claim Capital

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Start your claim with a free eligibility call


In a short call with our experts you’ll get:

  1. Advice on your qualifying R&D expenditure

  2. An outline of our claims and enquiry process

  3. A fixed price for your claim


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