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"How to scale your business with revenue-based financing"

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Wednesday 17th November

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1pm - 1:45 pm

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Who are Uncapped

Uncapped is a unique financing service with investment capital offers ranging from £10k - £5m through a revenue share agreement. In other words, in exchange for capital, Uncapped charges enterprises a flat fee starting at 6%, with repayments in line with the company’s monthly revenue.

This no-security and no-equity approach to funding uses your business performance to determine a fair and flexible rate of repayment, taken as a percentage of sales. That’s why Uncapped are changing the game for startups, and have invested a total of $120M to over 500 companies.

Uncapped was built by founders, for founders, with the aim of providing them with worry-free funding that they can pay back when they can afford to.

Modernising the funding model through Fintech, Uncapped is a fully digital, friendlier take on capital.

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