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Partner with Claim Capital

Partner with the UK's fastest-growing R&D Tax Specialist


Claim Capital's R&D Tax Credit team will ensure your client receives the maximum benefit year-after-year, which in turn accelerates their growth and increases client retention.


Referring your clients couldn't be easier, with each of our Account Managers & R&D Tax Specialists on hand to complete your clients claims in a timely and professional manner. 

Explore how 
we can help
your clients


Get in touch with Matt Dangell, our Business Development Director, to discuss how we can help you and your clients. 

Market-leading R&D Tax Credit service

100% Success


Our team has significant experience in successfully submitting claims to HMRC - resulting in 100% success record. 


Account Manager

You will have a dedicated Account Manager to ensure each of your clients claims are completed in a timely manner.


Reward Scheme

For each successful client referred to Claim Capital, we will ensure you are compensated for the introduction.

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How we work with Accountants

R&D Tax Credits are one of the largest tax incentives available to UK companies,

so it's important that you feel comfortable that your clients maximise their claims. 

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1. We build long-term partnerships with Accountants

Speak with our team of experts to explore how we can assist your clients maximise their claims and how we can put the foundations in place to create a long-term relationship. 

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2. Arrange an eligibility call with each of your clients

Following an introduction to your client, our team of R&D Tax Specialists will ensure that your client satisfies the eligibility criteria and explore all potential R&D expenditure. 

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3. Complete your clients R&D Tax Credit report within 3-5 working days

We know how important it is to your clients that they receive their tax benefit in an efficient manner, so our team will complete and submit their claim to HMRC within 3-5 working days. 

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4. Keep in touch with you throughout the claim process

Your dedicated Account Manager will keep you up to date with each of your client's R&D Tax Claims and make you aware of the progress made. 

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5. Client successful receives tax benefit from HMRC

Our client's claims are typically processed and paid out within 4-6 weeks, which ensures they can reinvest back into their innovative projects swiftly.

Why Accounts choose to partner with Claim Capital

Traditional R&D Advisors

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Charge 10-30% of tax benefit

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Take 4+ weeks to complete

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Lock-in contracts (2+ years)

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No HMRC Enquiry support

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No Advance Funding service

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Success-based £3,000 Fixed Fee service

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Completed within 3-5 working days


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Reward scheme for client introductions

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HMRC Enquiry support at no extra cost

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Access up to £250,000 in Advanced Funding

100's of satisfied clients using Claim Capital

"Claim Capital provided us with a very efficient and accurate service. The team have an excellent understanding of the process and were very responsive to any questions."

James Phillips

Alumnet Limited

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"Outstanding service from day one. Their fee structure is fair (and flat!), can't recommend them more!"

Mihai Fanache

Newsroom Ai

Google Reviews.png

"Excellent and knowledgable. Would recommend to anyone looking to fast track their R&D claim without any stings in the tail."

Rocky Grant


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Explore how we can help your clients

Arrange a call with Matt Dangell, our Business Development Director, to explore how we can help your clients maximise their claims. 

Arrang a call
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