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Receive your R&D Tax Relief faster, with an end-to-end service.

Filing annual R&D Tax Credit claims, and receiving your benefit from HMRC, can be streamlined in various ways. In a nutshell, receiving your R&D claim payment faster is made possible by using an end-to-end R&D Tax Credit service.


An end-to-end service means that an R&D Tax Advisor completes the entire R&D Tax Credit claim. Not only does this enable claimants to remain focused on their innovation, but it also minimizes delays that can occur with 'help-to-complete' platforms. Our approach allows us to submit maximised R&D claims to HMRC within just 3-5 working days of receiving sufficient information.


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Claim Capital’s end-to-end approach delivered us a great result. Anyone thinking about claiming R&D Tax Credits should just do it – when the benefit came through from HMRC, it felt like free money!

Angus Reid
Head of Partnerships


Leave third-party delays in the past.

Relying on your Accountant to update the CT600 and CT600L for the purpose of your R&D Tax Credit claim can lead to mistakes and omission of necessary detail – resulting in further repayment delays. As part of our end-to-end R&D Tax Credit service, our experts handle the amendment and submission of the CT600 and CT600L. 


Another way to streamline your annual R&D claim process is to ensure that your R&D Tax Advisor is an authorised HMRC agent, which means they can submit claims directly to HMRC. A true end-to-end R&D Tax Credit service should always include the option to submit claims in-house, otherwise they're relying on a third party to wrap up the R&D claim process - which could take much longer.


At Claim Capital, our HMRC-authorisation allows us to submit R&D claims in-house (as soon as they’re approved by the client), eliminating lengthy third-party delays.

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Full HMRC enquiry support, at no extra cost.

If your R&D Tax Credit application triggers HMRC enquiry, then the R&D claim payment will be delayed significantly. We typically see HMRC enquiries ranging from 3-6 months, depending on whether the claim was randomly selected or whether inspectors suspect illegitimacy.

How long an enquiry takes to resolve also depends on how quickly and efficiently you the claimant compiles the evidence needed to justify your financial and technical reports. An end-to-end R&D Tax Credits provider, such as Claim Capital, will never abandon the claimant once they’ve submitted the R&D claim to HMRC.

Our clients rest assured that if their R&D Tax Credit claim faces enquiry, their dedicated R&D Tax Specialist will collate the evidence necessary to clear up any issues on their behalf. And regardless of how long it takes, we’re so confident in withstanding scrutiny that our HMRC enquiry support comes at no extra cost.

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