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Patent Box Tax Relief

We help innovative companies reduce their Corporation Tax to 10% through Patent Box Relief.

Patent Box Tax Relief, explained.

What is Patent Box?

Patent Box Relief is designed to benefit innovative UK SMEs and startups, which develop IP (intellectual property) products and processes.

Overcome cash-flow delays with advance funding

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If you have a Patent Approved or Patent Pending product or process, you could be eligible for a reduction in your Corporation Tax Return from 25% to 10%.

How R&D Advanced Funding works.

Claim Value

Claim Value of £100,000



£80,000 advancement upon submission of the R&D report

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7 weeks later, the company receives it's £100,000 claim from HMRC



The company repays Claim Capital £80,000 +£8,000 in fees

Our Advanced Funding Service.

Our R&D Advanced Funding Service.


A fully managed service with advanced funding with a personal guarantee for those with previous claims history.*

What's included? 

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The higher of £5,000 or 8% of the total claim value

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80% advance upon submission

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Advancement £25k - £250k

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Includes R&D report writing

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Funds paid within 24 hours of application submission

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No upfront costs

Our service

R&D Advance Funding FAQs.

Do I need to have previously claimed R&D Tax Credits to qualify for R&D Advance Funding?


Yes, you will need have filed two successful R&D Tax Credit claims previously, to qualify for R&D Advance Funding. However, for companies who have only filed one previous R&D claim we will consider and access on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch to see if you qualify for advanced funding.


Does my R&D claim need to be a minimum amount to qualify for advanced funding?


Typically, we require your R&D Tax benefit to be a minimum of £50,000 to qualify for R&D Advance Funding.

Is there a maximum amount I can apply for through R&D Advance Funding?


No, currently there is no maximum amount and your loan is determined by the R&D Tax Relief you’re due to receive.


When do I need to pay back the R&D Advance loan?


Once you have received your R&D Tax Relief from HMRC you will be required to pay back the R&D Advance loan.

If you have questions about regular R&D Tax Credit claims, see our full list of FAQs.

Free Advance Funding consultation.

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