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Startup Grind's dedicated R&D Tax Credit Partner

Claim Capital are delighted to have partnered with Startup Grind, the world's largest startup network, to ensure UK companies receive a market-leading R&D Tax Credit service and maximise their research & development tax benefit year after year.

 R&D Tax Credits are one of the largest tax relief available to UK companies, allowing you to reclaim up to 33% of all research & development costs.

If your company has spent money researching or developing a product, process or service, get in touch today to explore if your company is eligible to make a claim. 

Our Products

To deliver a market-leading service, you need market-leading products.


That's why we're the only UK R&D Tax Specialist to be able to offer both R&D Tax Submission services, as well as Advanced R&D Funding in-house. 

​An end-to-end R&D Report Submission service: 

  • Financial report completion

  • Technical report assistance

  • 100% success rate

  • HMRC Enquiry assistance included

  • Priority service: Claims submitted in 2-5 days

£3,000 fixed fee.

No matter the claim size.

Only payable upon success


​Access your R&D Tax Benefit Immediately with our Advanced R&D Funding product:  

  • Includes all R&D Report Submission services. 

  • Upon submission, we'll advance you 80% of your tax benefit on the same day. 

  • We can Advance up to £250,000.

  • Funds paid to client within 24 hours of claim submission to HMRC. 

Fees between 8-12% of the total claim value.

Only payable upon success.

Join the 100's of Companies claiming with Claim Capital including...

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Our Process

Whether you're an early stage startup or an established SME, we've refined our R&D Tax Credit claiming process to suit your specific business needs, ensuring you receive your tax benefit in an efficient and timely manner. 

From your initial eligibility call to the submission of your R&D tax report, you will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager and Senior R&D Tax Consultant whom you can pick the phone up to at any time.


We're proud of our personalised service and we can't wait to explore how much tax relief we can help you reclaim. 

We'd love to talk to you


Our team of R&D Tax Specialists are on hand to help you begin your R&D Tax Claim

and explore how much tax relief you are due from HMRC.  

Leadership Team

Our Management Team is passionate and committed to delivering a market-leading R&D tax credit service to help innovative businesses grow. 

R&D Tax Credits Managing Director

Max Raynor

Managing Director

  • LinkedIn
R&D Tax Credits Business Development Director

Matt Dangell

Business Development Director

  • LinkedIn
R&D Tax Credits Head of R&D Tax Reporting

Michael Lismore

Head of R&D Tax Reporting

  • LinkedIn
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