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Grant Writing Services

Enhance your Grant Applications.

Grant Writing, explained.

Grant Funding is incredibly competitive with more companies applying than ever before. However, there is little to no information for as to how to write a competitive Grant Application.

Our Grant Writing service provides early-stage startups and SMEs with the greatest chance of achieving funding, which is free, guaranteed and does not dilute equity.  

Our team of experienced Grant Writers will provide a comprehensive, personalised service to ensure you can focus on the day-to-day while knowing your application will have the greatest chance of success. 

Speak with our Grant Writers


Explore which Grant Applications you could be eligible for.

The Grant Writing Process

Company Consultation

Data Collection

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Our team will arrange a call with your Management Team to understand the projects your business is seeking to undertake and explore which Grants are currently available to your project, and ensure you meet the all of the eligibility criteria.

A step-by-step guide

Once engaged, our team of Grant Writers will send you through a detailed information checklist specific to the Grant you are applying for. In addition, our team will provide you with templates to help you navigate the required information.

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Completion of the Grant Application

Our team of Grant Writers will be at your disposal across a 4-day sprint to ensure your Business Plan, Financial Forecast and any further documentation meets the requirements of the Grant Application. 

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Submission of the Application

Upon completion of all the documentation, the application will be submitted to the Grant Provider prior to the deadline.

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Grant Outcome

Upon submission of the Grant Application, you will typically receive a notification as to whether you have been successful within 1-2 months.

Our Grant Writing service.
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1 hour Consultation

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Financial Costing Template

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4 Appendix Templates

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11 Model Answers with over

80 in-depth subsections answers

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3 Summary Guides

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Submission Guide

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Tips and FAQs


Platform + Consultancy

Everything from the previous package, plus:

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2 hours specialist consultancy report

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Feedback on application


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Full Application Review

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Written and recorded verbal feedback

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Free Resubmission

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Application completion in 2-4 weeks

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Full Grant submission support

Full Application Write-up

Everything from the previous two packages, plus:

End-to-end Grant Application Write-up

Dedicated Grant Writer

Simplified data collection


Daily updates on Grant progress

Our service

The Claim Capital team provided swift and professional documentation and support, without this we would have not met the deadline date. I would recommend Claim Capital and will be using them in the near future."

The process is always seamless and easy. The interactions were fast and we were able to claim back significant capital that helped our business. I recommend Claim Capital for any startup or business that is unaware of the available benefits out there."

Grant Writing FAQs.

What are the chances my application will be successful? 


Of course, competition is high. This means that for competitive grants that give away large amounts (like Innovate UK), the rate of success is around 5%. 


However, 70% of applicants are deemed non-competitve due to the poor nature of their applications. By using an expert grant writing service, the likelihood of a successful application increases tremendously.

Can I receive funding from more than one grant?


The eligibility for different grants vary, but for the majority of them, you can receive more than one grant. Most grants will, however, require you to disclose any winning applications to the grant provider.

If you've applied for multiple grants for the same project, you're unlikely to receive double-funding. If you're applying for different projects, you can receive multiple grants.

Am I eligible for grant funding?


Each grant has different eligibility requirements - some grants are targeted to women-owned businesses, others to start-ups, and others to more established companies. 


Claim Capital's Grant Writing service includes a consultation where we get to know a bit more about your business and let you know which grants you're eligible for. 

Where can I find grants to apply for? 

Innovate UK are the UK's national innovation agency. They help businesses to develop pioneering research through their Smart Grants programme - offering over £125 million in funding every year!

Beyond this, there are many UK funding bodies that issue grant funding for particular sectors. Our Grant Funding experts will  advise you on what grants are available and help you find the best grant for you. 

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